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The Team Steel company was established owing to the combination of a common idea, namely, to provide services and manufacture products of highest quality. We specialize in the production of parts, components and finished products based on steel solutions.

Professional machine park as well as experienced and highly qualified team is the key to deliver products of the highest quality.

We use advanced and up-to-date technology, we constantly expand our know-how and look for new solutions to be able to meet the expectations of our existing and subsequent clients.

Our clients are warranted with a professional and individual approach to each task we undertake. On top of this, we deliver competitive price and timely performance of our works.



The KIMLA Powercut linear laser with linear drives enables quick and efficient cutting of any shape from sheet metal. The technologies we use allow for high repeatability and precision when cutting details.
Our machines allow for laser cutting of black steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets.
Maximum dimensions of the element being cut:
1500 x 3000mm
Processed materials

Carbon steel
Stainless steel

We may also help you in drawing up technical drawings of the details to be cut.

If necessary, we help our clients
in drawing up technical drawings of the details to be cut.

We always offer our support and advise our clients in order
to deliver the order by means of optimal technologies.

In our company we make every effort so that laser cutting
of sheet metal is quick and efficient.

sheet metal

AMADA press brakes
maximum bending length: 3110 mm

– HFE 3i 1003 – press capacity: 1000 kN
– HFE 3i 5020 – press capacity: 500 kN

Details bent in our company are highly precise
and feature high quality of bending.

Welding has been
with us since the beginning
of our business.


Highly-qualified staff, the equipment:
MIG/MAG and TIG, welding machines, and, most of all – long-term experience, are essential in successful delivery of our services.

We weld structural and stainless steel


Powder coating is one of the most important services that complement our production process.
Full range of RAL colors is available.

We have a professional painting line including:
– automatic chemical washer
– gas furnaces for drying and polymerization of
details with dimensions up to:

4500 mm (length)
2200 mm (height)
1400 mm (width)


We offer modern design services tailored to our client’s individual requirements. In our work we implement the market-leading SolidWorks software.

Each order is processed after careful analysis of the client’s expectations.

Our projects include the draw-up of basic documentation necessary for further processing.



riveting services are delivered by means of KJ60 device used to tighten rivet nuts with internal threads ranging from M3 to M8. Rivet nuts allow riveting elements and fixing additional components


many holes, when drilled or burned, require chamfering to accommodate tapered fasteners.


spot welding of sheets together. Our device has adjustable welding parameters that enable the production of the best quality details.

cutting sections

(with circular saw and/or arm saw)

cutting solid materials, steel profiles and pipes of various types. We provide quick delivery time.

cutting bars and flat bars

owing to adjustable spacing of the knife holder, we may punch various shapes. Optimal use of the material and excellent quality of service is ensured.


(pressing of fasteners)

PEM assembly joints are mounted on a hydraulic device supplied with an automatic feeder. This ensures high precision and positioning of threads.


we thread in holes using an electric threading machine with a multi-position head. Threading range is from M3 to M24.


Our clients are also offered holes drilling with a table drill.


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